Youth Engagement

The goal of the School Outreach Program is to promote the concept of sustainable development among Canadians by delivering interactive classroom presentations to schools. The program aspires to make Canadians better global citizens, and thus influence change and development in other areas around the world.

Last year, McGill volunteers reached 1060 students. This year, McGill SO hopes to reach at least 1500 students. Though in the past SO presentations have been catered towards high school students,

We raise awareness about global water, hunger and energy issues, their social, economic, geographic and technological hurdles and successes through three interactive in class presentations:

1) Water for the World: EWB volunteers deliver an interactive workshop that includes building a mini water filter out of a bottle and layers of sand and gravel. School students learn about water issues in Canada and about how seemingly simple challenges, such as gaining access to safe water, are magnified in developing communities.

2) Food for Thought: For this presentation on global hunger issues, we use the example of rice and have an interactive program that helps students understand where and how rice is grown, how it is process, and the implications for this global system.

3) Energy Matters: For this presentation on global energy issues, students compare the energy requirements to perform everyday household task. In doing so, students learn how energy requirements and access to energy sources differ between Canada and rural Africa.

If you are interested in participating in SO, or if you would like to have a presentation given at your school, please contact Simon Fauvel.

Links for background information on hunger: