Volunteering Overseas

SHORT-TERM INTERNSHIPS (Junior fellowship)

Interested in the EWB Junior Fellowship in International Development? The JF program is a life-changing 4-month overseas volunteer experience which happens in the summer. For more information on our short-term internships, please visit the EWB National Office website.


The EWB National Office offers several internships from 8 months up to 2 years to interested members. For more details on these internships, please visit the long term placement section of the EWB Website.

Working Partnerships Program:

We are pleased to announce our participation in the ‘Working Partnerships’ program this year. This program EWB’s new Working Partnerships (WP) program is designed to increase the ability of our chapters to have impact overseas while facilitating our members understanding of development complexities. By partnering short and long-term volunteers on projects the WP program aims to improve EWB’s ability for positive impact overseas. The partnership allows short-term volunteers to work within the context of an ongoing EWB project under the guidance of an experienced long-term volunteer.