Engineers Without Borders is a registered national Canadian charity. It has adopted the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code developed by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, and the Donor Bill of Rights established by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. For more information about EWB’s financial integrity, or to access our most recent Annual Report, please visit the EWB Canada website.

Your donation is very much appreciated. Apart from ensuring the success of our projects, depending on the sponsorship agreement our chapter can offer you:

  • Quarterly updates on EWB McGill’s projects, finances and operations
  • Update Reports from our overseas volunteers
  • Junior Fellow presentations upon return
  • Presentations to students
  • Invitations to our events
  • Exposure through:
    – Media
    – Public Events
    – Website

Project and/or Event Donation:

If you would like to sponsor one specific project or event of EWB McGill, please contact us at mcgill@ewb.ca to initiate a sponsorship agreement or for more information.

Chapter Donation:

If you would like to sponsor our chapter, donations can be made through EWB Canada or by contacting our by contacting us directly at mcgill@ewb.ca