Member Learning

EWB’s first step is to reach out to engineers and make them aware of, excited about, and more knowledgeable about, development issues. EWB-McGill aims to reach out to our members through our Monthly ‘Development Workshops’. The goals of these workshops is as follows:

  • Promoting global citizenship – having impact from Canada.To develop members into global engineers, who realize first that activities they undertake here in Canada have a development impact overseas, and second that sustainable solutions should be integrated into their personal and professional lives. A main component of that is to encourage public outreach – to give members the skills and desire to reach out to the general public and help make them more aware of development challenges around the world and actions that they can take regarding their new awareness.
  • Improving our members’ “development worker” skills.To promote, within our members, the characteristics that one needs to work successfully in development overseas. This includes honing our members’ approach, commitment, knowledge and skills

EWB-McGill Development Workshop

What is it?

The EWB-McGill Development Workshop is a series of monthly education sessions delivered by senior chapter members to the rest of their chapter membership.


The strength of EWB relies on our members’ skills, approach and commitment to human development and EWB. To build upon this strength, EWB needs to invest in the education of our members.

The goals of EWB-McGill’s Development Workshops are to:

  • Build members’ passion for development and their commitment to EWB
  • Build members’ general knowledge of development and inspire them to realise that they can have an impact in overseas development by changing their actions in Canada
  • Ensure that if members are committed to overseas development work, they have the appropriate skills and approach

WORKSHOP DATES will be sent via our member mailing list. If you would like to learn more about membership, please check out our membership page.