Invested Partnerships (Fundraising)

What We Do.

EWB’s Invested Partnerships teams across Canada (student chapter & city networks) exist in order to keep our Canadian and African Programs running. Our chapter activities as well as African Program Staff (long term placements) and our Juinor Fellows (student internship) are supported through our fundraising efforts.  Whether its external funding through the school, big events or smaller regular fundraisers, fundraising members are a key to EWB’s success.  Fundraising events are also another means to spread awareness of EWB’s vision and the problems were tackling.


What You Can Do.

Invested Partnerships at McGill is constantly evolving – taking in new members and developing new ideas throughout the year.  Our smaller scale events are frequent throughout the year and include Fair Trade Mondays/Fridays (weekly) and BBQ’s. We also run the occasional Blues Pub, and host concert events at Gerts. The team is always looking for volunteers to help run the events as well as people on the development/logistical side.  Through fundraising we also try to combine different aspects of EWB and the chapter to spread awareness about our organization across the McGill and Montreal communities.