This new team is looking for dynamic individuals with a creative spirit. Our main goal is to make EWB very visible on campus and to the Montreal public in general. As such, this team is responsible for the advertising of events through different media: posters, class announcements, video boards, clothing, information kiosks, and any other event we can think of. Furthermore, the Comms Team is encouraged to work with the McGill newspapers, radio and ultimately with the Montreal media.

Already this year we have designed t-shirts, hoodies, business cards and multiple posters. There will be biweekly meetings to brainstorm ideas, update all members of the team about upcoming events.

Upcoming goals are to have multiple articles in the McGill newspapers about relevant development issues, i.e. a series of articles and possibly to have a hit with Montreal TV and newspapers (Gazette).

Join this growing team and help create a difference by making EWB accessible to all who want a part it!

Contact Julia at for more info/questions.