What We Do

Member Learning

EWB’s member learning program provides formal opportunities for members to learn and grow, and is based on a peer-to-peer approach in which members learn together and from each other. That said, learning extends beyond the member learning program and is part of everything we do; whether it’s participating in a discussion about water issues, or reading a book on the history of development to become more familiar with the major players on the international stage. Member Learning challenges chapter members to Think Critically about the work that we are doing, and about development work in general, and it is an exciting opportunity to engage new and experienced members in high level discussion. Most chapters run regular member learning sessions which can take the form of a presentation, workshop, discussion, or even pannel. There is also informal member learning sessions run at various chapters, and members are always looking for new and creative ways to challenge their knowledge about the world.

School Outreach

Canada will only become a model global citizen if our future leaders understand the complexities of the international community. That is why chapter volunteers visit schools across the country, raising awareness and understanding of development issues. Since the initiation of our School Outreach Program, we have reached over 100, 000 students in the past 4 years! Participants of our ‘Water For The World,’ ‘Food For Thought,’, ‘Energy Matters’ and ‘Root Causes’ interactive workshops are encouraged to become passionate about the need for change and well-equipped to turn their good intentions into impact.

Youth Engagement

The world we want to see is one without extreme poverty, where every person has the opportunity to lead a life they value. This vision includes Canada and Canadians playing a leading role in the creation of this world. An influential segment of the Canadian population is youth, who are not only the decision-makers of tomorrow but who are capable of and positioned for creating change now. The vision for the program is to encourage and empower an aware and engaged youth population, who care about the world, feel like they can make a difference, and take action. This will not only lead to impact through those immediate actions, but also through involvement with EWB at university and beyond, and lifelong engagement on international development issues.

Junior Fellowship

The Junior Fellowship in International Development is a 18 month program, including time spent on preparation, work in Africa, and in-Canada contributions. Junior Fellowships are designed to have impact on multiple dimensions; on the JF, their Chapter, their local community, our African partners and ultimately, on Dorothy.

The vision of the Junior Fellowship Program is that it will assist EWB’s student chapters in creating members who are passionate and knowledgeable champions of development, while contributing toward EWB’s areas of focus both in Africa and in Canada. The program was originally created with the goal of introducing at least one member from each chapter to the realities of development on the ground so that they could return home and share those experiences within their chapter.

African Programs

African Programs Staff (APS) are EWB’s long-term volunteers working to create change in Africa. These are primarily professionals or university graduate who have committed anywhere from 12 to 20+ months to work on EWB’s programs in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and Zambia.

Our volunteer staff are placed with one of our sector initiatives in Africa and will work closely with African partner organisations. Each sector initiative focuses their results in different areas, and each placement takes a different form, but all involve capacity development of our African partners. This might involve building a partner’s monitoring and evaluation system, piloting a new project with a small team or training field staff. It is important to EWB that our staff do not merely work in the development sector, but also change the development sector.

Working Partnerships

The Working Partnerships Program was created to provide EWB chapters with a mechanism for DIRECT overseas impact. EWB African Programs Staff commit to spending 14 months in Africa where they work in partnership with local organisations – this is your chance to support their work on the ground. The Working Partnership program enables chapters to support an African Programs Staff financially in order to contribute directly to impact in Africa. The Working Partnership Program has also been partnered up with the Learning Partnership Program this past year. The Learning Partnership program connects chapters with our volunteers in Africa in order for chapters to learn from them, and better understand and contribute to EWB’s work in Africa. The National Office is working towards a new program called Connecting Chapters to our African Programs and we will provide more details and information in September 2010 around this.