Our Vision

We are EWB.We don’t accept the status quo. We combine passion and pragmatism. We challenge and invest in each other to learn continuously, because that’s what is needed to create change together.

We are outraged and hopeful. Our fellow human beings continue to live in extreme poverty, with dramatically diminished choices and opportunities; a mother who can’t feed her family, her husband telling their son that he can’t pay for school. This is an affront to our beliefs about what is right. Her hopes are our hopes. His drive is our drive. We serve their dreams to allow all of us to truly prosper.

We create systemic change wherever it’s needed to accelerate Africa’s development and unlock the potential of its people.
We incubate systemic innovations – investing rigorously, proving what works by having the courage to fail, and transforming the way people and organizations behave. This ensures the change we create is meaningful and lasting.

To do this, we invest in people who will lead systemic change – they do whatever it takes, working tirelessly to learn and grow and transform how people think and how things are done. These exceptional leaders are able to act in the face of ambiguity and drive change together with all EWBers.

Our Mandate

The EWB McGill University chapter is a group of thoughtful and critical students with a belief in the possibility of an equitable world. We aim to make the next generation of McGill graduates a group of conscious consumers, informed voters, socially responsible professionals and most importantly, systems change leaders!

We are committed to being accessible to all, and we strive to actively oppose any form of discrimination or oppression. Our chapter is supportive and constantly evolving, with an equal focus on both action and personal development. Our strength lies in our dedication and systemic thinking, but we are not afraid to push our limits and fail in our endeavours to create change.