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Dana Giacobbi

VP Grad Involvement
M2, Mechanical Eng.

Why I joined EWB:

Last year, I came back from three months of travel in Central America with some different priorities than when I set out. Most of these were personal, but one of the most important decisions I took was to stop doing things I didn't believe in just because it was habit, and instead get more involved in things I did believe in, even though they might be new and difficult. I've only been partially successful with the first one (habits are tough to break), but, by investing a lot of my time in EWB, I feel I'm making progress towards the second.

This year, my goal is to encourage Graduate student involvement in EWBís McGillís Chapter. One year into my Masterís degree, my experience has been that EWB has a much diminished presence in the grad environment as opposed to the undergrad one. I think this has a lot to do with a different set of priorities, but also with the fact that many grad students arrive from out of Canada and have never even heard about EWB. To make a difference in this regard, I want to promote EWB by serving as the liaison between the graduate engineering societies and the Chapter, as well as giving a voice to graduate studentsí interests within the Chapter. In many cases, I think this will take the form of taking on a leading role in organizing events which I believe more important for grad students, as was the case with the Run to End Poverty. All in all, I think that graduate students offer a wealth of experience and abilities that is currently going untapped in EWB, and thatís something Iíd like to change.

Something you should know about me:

Iím the kind of person who will write a paper in one sitting, but take an inordinate amount of time to answer a short question like this, deciding whether or not to be overly serious. So, seriously: I canít get anything done without motivation, and I rarely get motivated unless there is a looming deadline, except when thereís passion. What Iím discovering is that Iím passionate about this. Also, I donít like sushi.

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