Who We Are

What is EWB?

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a Canadian NGO that is helping to accelerate development in Africa. Its approach is to create systemic change by investing in people and providing them with opportunities to unlock their potential. EWB collaborates with individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to help them reach their own development goals. In parallel, EWB raises awareness within the Canadian society on policy matters and other social issues.

What is EWB McGill?

The McGill chapter of EWB is one of 35+ student chapters across Canada. Founded in 2001, the chapter pursues various activities on campus with the goal to challenge the status quo in international development. One of our recent accomplishments was leading the effort to certify McGill as the first Fair Trade Campus in Quebec . In addition, every year as part of the Junior Fellowship program, the chapter sends at least one student overseas to Africa during the summer to assist with development ventures within the organization.

Contrary to what the name may suggest, Engineers Without Borders is not exclusive to engineers. In fact, the McGill chapter welcomes students from all majors and faculties and favours diversity in its members.

For other EWB university and professional chapters across Canada, seeĀ http://my.ewb.ca/networks/