Newsletter #8: C’est L’Halloween!

** Newsletter #8: C’est L’Halloween!————————————————-

When this time of the year rolls around, I think of this song: It really brings me back to the days where I would walk around neighborhoods, strange and familiar, freezing in my costume that just missed the mark of trying too hard to look like a three-year-old to milk treats off of grown-ups, only to get a couple pounds of candy.  Oh, the things I would do for candy back then…  These days, you can get the candy to come right to you (kind of)! Order from our Fair Trade Halloween anytime this week and you can find all the fair trade candy you could dream about by the Fair Trade Corner.

This Monday’s chapter meeting will be held at 17:30 in The Cellar (Architecture Lounge, basement of McDonald Harrington).  Every Monday our chapter meetings alternate between “learning sessions” and “action meetings”.  In this week’s meeting, we will get to see the many perspectives of the mining industry to move past the black-and-white, dissident view of mining companies. All are welcome!

Engineers Without Borders and Camino are offering a great way to stock up on chocolate for the Halloween season and promote Fair Trade (at a student friendly price). You can find more information about specific products and place your order here ( . Orders are accepted before October 31st and you’ll receive an email with information on where you can pick up your chocolate.  Invite your friends on our Facebook event ( ) !

Fair Trade is a different way of doing business. It’s about making principles of fairness and decency mean something in the marketplace. It seeks to ensure the farmers and artisans behind fair trade products get a better deal. Most often this is understood to mean better prices for producers, but it often means longer-term and more meaningful trading relationships as well.

We need volunteers to help sell our Fair Trade Halloween packages between Tuesday, October 29 and Thursday, October 31st.  If you have an hour to spare, please sign up on this Google Spreadsheet! (

Over the past year, the Youth Engagement team has been building a program aimed at guiding youth in developing the skills necessary for them to become leaders of social change.
Last week, the team had the chance to share the project with the students at M.I.N.D. High School.  Athough some of them were confused about the goals of the project, there was a general consensus among them to give the program a try! This Monday, three members of the YE team will be presenting to them the first workshop in our series, “Identifying the root causes of homelessness in Montreal.” You can read about the program here. (

“NGOs are as Canadian as hockey,” declared a 1988 Parliamentary report. Few institutions embody the image of Canada’s international benevolence like non-governmental organizations (NGOs) devoted to development abroad. But do the actions of Canadian NGOs match this perception?
This presentation raises questions about these organizations and their development projects: Just how “non-governmental” are organizations that get most of their funding from government agencies? What impact do these funding ties have on NGOs’ ability to support popular demands for democratic reforms and wealth redistribution? And what happens when NGOs bite the hand that feeds?
Find out more at: 

Looking for coffee and freshly baked goods to brighten your mornings? On Mondays and Fridays, our Fair Trade Corner will be offering yummie treats made with Fair Trade ingredients.   We’re located in the Old Porter’s Office in FDA (near University entrance)
We’re looking for volunteers to sell delicious Fair Trade goods from our booth.Sign up for 1h time slots here ( Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do – an exec member will be there to coach you through. Facebook ( Twitter ( Website ( Email (

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