Newsletter #7: Can’t type

Hi everyone, 

Our newsletter was recently moved to an external server and was not posting to our Chapter on myEWB.  But fret no longer! All newsletters will now be up every Sunday evening on this group! Enjoy :)

-Julia W.


No, I haven’t broken any appendages.  My whole body is sore because I just came back from an amazing Run to End Poverty on Mont-Royal. This year our R2EP runners really pushed themselves on new distance challenges;  we had runners in the 5k, 10k, 15k, 25k, and even 40k categories!  But seriously, I’m going to clumsily limping to my classes tomorrow, and even more awkwardly end this rant…

Luckily, all this running has kick-started my metabolism…for Halloween candy!  Stay tuned for announcements for Fair Trade candy from your friendly, neighbourhood Fair Trade Corner!

Chapter Meeting

This Monday’s chapter meeting will be held at 17:30 in The Cellar (Architecture Lounge, basement of McDonald Harrington).  Every Monday our chapter meetings alternate between “learning sessions” and “action meetings”.  For this week’s meeting, we will be having breakout sessions to do some planning for Fair Trade Halloween, Member Learning (hint: we’ll be talking about mining issues) and our newly minted African Connections team.  Come check it out!

African Connections: Skype with Uganda
Every university chapter of EWB is paired with one of our staff in Africa. This year, we’re paired with Leanne Rasmussen, who’s working on our Agriculture Value Chains venture as a market facilitation consultant in Kampala, Uganda. Don’t know what that means? Want to know more about what our work looks like overseas, and what our staff actually do there? Our African Connections group will be meeting periodically to dive a little deeper into some of these questions. It’s a great place to come if you’re looking for a way to be involved and want to build a thorough understanding of EWB‘s work in development.
This week, we’ll be kicking things off with a Skype call with Leanne, hear some of her exciting updates from the field (she just met with World Vision!) and get some questions and answers going. Meet on Tuesday at 10:30am in the Engineering Common Room. All are welcome!Every year, EWB McGill sends one or two students overseas as part of the organization’s Junior Fellowship in International Development. The Fellowship is an 18-month-long commitment, with six months of predeparture learning, four months working in Africa and eight months of contributing to chapter activities once home.

Junior Fellow Application Last Call
Applications for this year’s program are due on Friday! Have a look at this site (  to learn more and email Ellen at ( if you have any questions. We encourage applications from students from all programs and levels of past involvement with EWB.

Development Drinks
Do you want to have fun with EWBers outside of chapter meetings? Get to know each other better? Learn about development through discussion with others? Come to our first Development Drinks, happening this Thursday at 8pm at Gerts. The topic of the evening will be a music video done by a European microfinance organization as an advertisement: “Jessie J Pricetag Lipdub by 500 Women in Uganda ( “. What do you think about this video? What broader questions does it raise for you? Come with a thought or two to share, and we’ll talk over some drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, all welcome) and see where the evening takes us.

Fair Trade Corner Updates
Click here ( for our coffee ordering website

Fair Trade Corner in FDALooking for coffee and freshly baked goods to brighten your mornings? On Mondays and Fridays, our Fair Trade Corner will be offering yummie treats made with Fair Trade ingredients.   We’re located in the Old Porter’s Office in FDA (near University entrance)
We’re looking for volunteers to sell delicious Fair Trade goods from our booth.Sign up for 1h time slotshere (’t worry if you’re not sure what to do – an exec member will be there to coach you through.

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