EWB McGill Newsletter [week of February 14th]

EWB McGill Newsletter [week of February 14th] 3

Table of Contents:
A) Events

  1. Snack Share (Weekly)
  2. Youth Engagement: Sister Schools and Youth Without Borders Day
  3. Fair Trade Fridays (Weekly)

B) Team Meetings
C) What’s Happening: EWB in Canada
D) What’s Happening: EWB Overseas


1. Snack Share (Weekly)
When: Every Tuesday, 11:30am-12:30pm
Where: BURN 305
We’re lunching a weekly snack and share session every Tuesday at 11:30-12:30 in BURN 305. Come join us today!
Members from all sub-teams are welcome to join us. Just bring yourself, some food to share (if you’d like) and we’ll be reading discussing articles on development.

2. Youth Engagement: Sister Schools and Youth Without Borders Day
When: Wedesday, February 16th, 6:30pm-7:00pm and Wednesday, 3:30pm-4:00pm
Where: McConnell 8
Upcoming Activities Summary:
-Sister Schools meeting is at 6:30pm-7pm Wednesday in ENGMC 08.
-Youth Without Borders Day meeting is at 3:30-4:00 Wednesday ENGMC 08.
-Youth Without Borders Days are March 16th and 24th and we are in need of volunteers! If you are available for any block of time for either day please email us at schooloutreach@mcgill.ewb.ca and we can match you up with a task.
-Upcoming school presentations the week of March 7-11 and will be needed plenty of volunteers. If you are interested please email us! More information will be sent out in the Youth Engagement Newsletter this week.
Sister Schools Project Description:
The Youth Engagnement Team is looking for keen new members to help facilitate a connection between Ghanaian students and Montreal students participating in the Sister Schools Project.
The Sister Schools Project was recently selected as best project at the Innovation Forum at the EWB National Conference! This project pairs up Ghanaian student groups with Montreal student groups to foster intercultural relationships and leadership in participating youth.
This project offers several destinguishing opportunities for participants:
- Exchange of cultures
- Motivation provided from the communication with like-minded youth half-way around the world
- New perspectives and insights from individuals in a very different cultural and geographical setting
- Leadership development and self-determined action
Please contact silvia.hua@mail.mcgill.ca for further information

3. Fair Trade Fridays (Weekly)
When: Every Friday, 9:30am-3:30pm
Where: In front of McGill Engineering Student Center (hallway joining FDA and ENGMC)
Fair Trade Fridays happens every Friday in the hallway joining McConnell and FDA (in front of the engineering student center.) Contact us at fairtradefridays@mcgill.ewb.ca if you are interested in helping out, or come enjoy fair trade coffee, fair trade baked goods, and other items! Coffee sold by donation – bring a mug if you can.

Team Meetings   

1. Youth Engagement Team – Meeting
When: See Events section
Contact: schooloutreach@mcgill.ewb.ca

2. Public Outreach Team
Contact: publicoutreach@mcgill.ewb.ca

3. Global Engineering Team
Contact: globalengineering@mcgill.ewb.ca

4. Fundraising Team
Contact:  fundraising@mcgill.ewb.ca

5. Mac Campus Team
Contact: president_mac@mcgill.ewb.ca

6. Member Learning Team
Contact: memberlearning@mcgill.ewb.ca

7. Communications Team
Contact: communications@mcgill.ewb.ca

What’s happening: EWB in Canada

Did you know that you could help EWB win $50 000?
WIND Mobile is awarding $50 000 to the charity which receives the most votes in its Charity Challenge. You can vote once a day, every day. To help EWB win, visit http://bestconversationever.ca/charitychallenge and vote! For a daily reminder, you can sign up at http://www.ewb.ca/daily

What’s happening: EWB Overseas

Check out Dana Giacobbi (EWB Montreal and McGill Chapter member)’s short billingual introduction video to his 6-month placement with EWB!



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